Parent Resources

Use the links below to download classroom handouts and homework assignments!


  • Why Exercise Is Cool
    Mary L. Gavin, MD lists “kid friendly” reasons to be active in this article.
  • Food Label Guide
    This guide breaks down a food label into sections and tells you what to look for in each section.
  • Healthy Habits for TV shares practical tips for setting limits on TV, video games and the internet in this article.
  • Learning about Carbohydrates
    Find out the difference between complex and simple carbohydrates, why your body needs them and why too much can be bad for you.
  • Measuring Up MyPlate
    A fun activity for kids in which they plan a one-day meal and snack plan for “Lucia.”
  • MyLunch Worksheet
    An opportunity for your child to complete a “report card” for their lunch.
  • MyPlate Guide
    Using the “MyPlate” method, children label how much of each food group they should have on their plate.
  • Search for Sugar and Fiber
    This take on a scavenger hunt challenges your child to read food labels to find the amount of sugar and fiber in their favorite foods.


Homework descriptions and due dates will be posted in the Fit Kids blog.

Helpful Websites

  • My Plate Kids’ Place
    Kids can learn all about the food groups with these fun online games, videos and songs, and activity sheets and recipes to print at home.
  • New Prague Kids Fun Run
    Register for or learn more about Run New Prague, a community running event which includes a half marathon, 10k, 5k and Kids Fun Run!