What is the Fit Kids program?

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The Fitness Center’s Fit Kids program – Building Healthy Kids!

Fit Kids is a unique program developed by fitness and wellness staff at The Fitness Center aimed at creating healthier, more active kids in the community.

Dramatic changes in our culture such as increased technology that reduces physical activity, increased portion sizes and increased consumption of unhealthy food items, have altered our daily lifestyle and contributed to an increase in our nation’s weight gain.

The Fit Kids program strives to improve each child’s awareness about the importance of leading healthy lifestyles by:

  • focusing on increasing physical activity,
  • decreasing sedentary time, and
  • improving nutrition choices.

The program is taught to each fourth grade class in the New Prague area. Fit Kids instructors meet with the classes two or three times each month, October through May. During the classroom teaching sessions, students play games and do activities to help him/her learn basic health and wellness facts. Students have assignments to track their activity and exercise time and TV/computer time, and are challenged to run a “half marathon” (13.1 miles) over the course of one month.


Throughout their time in the Fit Kids program, your child will benefit from frequent support and encouragement! You can do this by:

  • signing your child’s trackers,
  • asking what they have learned in the program, and
  • supplying healthy food options and opportunities to be active.

Check out the Fit Kids blog to learn more about what your child is doing in the program, and visit the Parent Resources page for some great wellness resources for your child and yourself.